I am a crochet artist from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

My love story with crochet began quite by chance. I have no romantic timeline of learning as a small child from a grandparent. on the contrary: in 2015, I was browsing the platform Behance and stumbled upon a craft project that included little crochet chickens. They were so simple (just a small white crochet ball with a little felt crest and beak) but so suggestive! I was hooked then and there!

The idea of capturing the essence of any given idea or character in a few suggestive shapes is a constant challenge. And the cuteness that comes with the chibi style of my creations is just a bonus. I love creating them and I love reinterpreting everything in it’s cutest form.

My crochet creations are the result of one of my dearest crafts and at the end of the day, I am really happy I can share the cuteness.